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2015 Gun Calendars Are NOW AVAILABLE!!!!!!

January 2015

2nd: Winchester, Super X3 3.5", 12 Gauge, Waterfowler

6th: Ruger, Hawkeye, .223 Walnut

9th: Thompson Center, Venture, .243 Synthetic/Blued

13th:  Savage, Axis, 22-250, Camo/Blued

16th:  Wincehster, SXP 3", 12 Gauge, Synthetic

20th:  Browning, X-Bolt Stalker, 7MM-08, Synthetic/Blued

23rd:  Stoeger, Condor, 12 Gauge Over/Under

27th:  Weatherby, PA-08, 12 Gauge, Synthetic

30th:  Winchester, Model 70, .270 Featherweight, Walnut/Blued


Previous Month's Winners


January 2013

4th: Winchester, Super X3 3 1/2" Waterfowler 12 Gauge: #2381, John Makosky,Staples MN

8th: Weatherby, Vanguard .270 Syn-Blued: #1451, Levi Sugg,Glasgow MT

11th: Tikka, T3 Lite .30-06 Syn-Blued: #1195, Roger Luebben,Browerville MN

15th: Mossberg, Silver Reserve .410 O/U: #1638, Terry Tank,Carlos MN

18th: Remington, 700 SPS .270 Syn-Blued: #841, Jeremy McKeown,Parkers Prairie

22nd: Browning, BPS Stalker 3" 12 Gauge Synthetic: #285, Wayne Erickson,Climax MN

25th: Thompson Center,Venture .308 Syn-Blued: #794, Julie Blair,Osakis MN

29th: Winchester,SXP 3 1/2 " Waterfowler 12 Gauge: #1801, Don Shircliff,Parkers Prairie MN

February 2013

​1st: Browning, X-Bolt Gray Hunter .243: #681,Stephen Heesen, Holdingford MN

5th: Weatherby, PA-08 Combo Pump 12 Gauge: #599, Josh Netland, Garfield MN 

8th: Thompson Center,XT Pro Hunter .50 Cal Syn-SS: #867, Steven Hanson, Mendota Heights MN

12th: Mossberg, 4x4 Rifle .270 Laminate-Blued: #1065, Brady LaVan, Parkers Prairie MN

15th: Browning, X-Bolt Hunter .280 Walnut-Blued: #2438, Cindy Olson, Fort Ranson ND

19th: Stoeger, Condor 20 Gauge O/U Walnut: #658, Daniel Thornton, Eden Prairie MN

22nd: Ruger American Rifle, .270 Syn/Blued: #2389, Kristy Hansen, Garfield MN

26th: Savage, Axis .223 Camo-Blued: #407, Tony Revering, Alexandria MN

​March 2013

​1st: Remington, 700 BDL .243 Custom Wood-Blued: #2343, Louie Longie, Tioga ND

5th: Stoeger, M3500 12 Gauge 3 1/2" Synthetic: #1297, Gary Hommerding, Miltona MN

8th: Winchester, M-70 Ultimate Shadow 25.06 Syn-Blued: #269, Mike Gravdahl, Pine River MN 

12th: Weatherby, Vanguard 52 .223 Syn-Blued: #2348, Steven Fretland, Tioga ND

15th: Savage, 93R17 17HMR Syn-Stainless Heavy: #2349, Bryan Carrier, Ray ND

19th: Remington, 7600 Pump .270 Synthetic: #889, Dustin Walters, Alexandria MN

22nd: Thompson Center, Venture .22-250 Syn-Blued: #1863, Karla Ellsworth, Zimmerman MN

26th: Winchester,Super X3 12 Gauge, 3 1/2" Black Shadow: #1600, Craig Mohr, Melrose MN

29th: Browning, X Bolt Stalker, 7MM Mag Syn/Blued: #582, Burnie Stahl, Ely MN

April 2013

2nd: Remington, 700 CDL .30-06 Wood-Blued: #212, Howard Bremmer, Buffalo MN

5th: Winchester, SXP 12 Gauge 3" Synthetic: #2146, Aaron Williams, Miltona MN

9th: Thompson Center, Omega 25 .50 Cal Syn-Blued: #385, Mark Sternquist, Alexandria MN 

12th: Mossberg, 4x4 Rifle .270 Syn-Blued: #661, Don Heesen, Miltona MN

16th: Weatherby, PA-08, 12 Gauge Synthetic: #2456, Chris Notch, Eagle Bend MN

19th: Browning, A-Bolt Stalker .243 Syn-Blued: #714, Pat Hunke, Wadena MN

23rd: Remington, 870 Super Mag 12 Gauge 3.5": #1648, Austin Klimek, Alexandria MN

26th: Savage, 10 Hunter XP .270 w/ Nikon Scope: #1026 Mark Allen, Hewitt MN

30th: Ruger, American Rifle .30-06 Syn-Blued: #1134, Bryan Adolphsen, Alexandria MN

May 2013

3rd: Winchester, M-70 Featherweight .270 Walnut-Blued: #1080, Brad Pearson, Randall MN 

7th: Remington, 887 Nitro Mag APG 12 Ga. Camo: #2355, Troy Nelson, Renville MN

10th: Savage, Axis .270 Syn-SS: #418, Connie Wenker, Hewitt MN

14th: Thompson Center, Dimension Rifle .308 Syn-Blued: #1063, Matt Prigge, Byron MN

17th: Browning, BPS Stalker 12 Ga. 3' Syn: #2230, Larry Axelson, Powers Lake ND

21st: Browning, X-Bolt Gray Hunter .30-06: #2235, Eric Jaspersen, Osakis MN

24th: Thompson Center, Omega 25 Weathershield .50 Cal:#1449,Chris Ohman, Detroit Lakes MN

28th: Weatherby, Vanguard Sporter .243 Wood-Blued: #464, Shane Blowers, Evansville MN

31st: Thompson Center, Omega 25 Weathershield .50 Cal: #701, Eric Meyer, St. Joseph MN

June 2013

4th: Browning, Silver Hunter 12 Gauge 3" Walnut: #528, Bill Pohlmann, Grey Eagle MN

7th: Mossberg, 4x4 Rifle .30-06 Syn-Blued:  #300, Anthony W. Matter, Hawley MN

11th: Savage, Axis .243 Syn-Blued: #1898, Matthew Burton, Sloan IA

14th: Tikka, T3 Lite .22-250 Syn-Blued: #622, Jesse Wiley, Big Lake MN

18th: Browning, A-Bolt Stalker 7MM Mag Syn-Blued: #2394, Scott Folsom, Alexandria MN

21st: Winchester, SXP 12 Gauge 3.5" Syn:  #394, Mike Peterson, Albertville MN

25th: Remington, 700 SPS .308 Syn-SS: #2126, Scott Kalis, Royalton MN

28th: Mossberg, Silver Reserve 20 Gauge Over-Under: #1251, Jamie Reetz, Webster SD

July 2013

2nd: Winchester, Super X3 3.5" 12 Gauge, Waterfowler, #965, Chad Hanson, Clearwater MN

5th: Howa, .30-06, Synthetic-Stainless, #1346, Mike Harris, Poplarvile MS

9th: Weatherby, PA-08 12 Gauge, Synthetic, #206, Jason Arvidson, Parkers Prairie

12th: Savage, Axis .22-250, Synthetic-Stainless, #976, Randy Payne, Parkers Prairie MN

16th: Browning, X Bolt Gray Hunter .270, #1705, Scott Vanlith, Monticello MN 

19th: Thompson Center, Omega 25 Weathershield .50 Cal, #945, Ronald Callen, Glenwood MN

23rd: Thompson Center, Venture .243, Synthetic-Blued, #993, Kevin Kuznia, Big Lake MN

26th: Remington, 870, Super Mag 3.5" 12 Gauge, #1794, Kurt Schienbein, Pillager MN

30th: Savage, 10 Hunter XP .308 w/ Nikon Scope, #2482. Cody Legerski, Williston ND

August 2013

2nd: Remington, 700 BDL .270, Custom Wood/Blued, #1044, Harold Hoppe, Alexandria MN

6th: Ruger, American Rifle .30-06, Synthetic/Blued, #1823, Nick Gehrt, Becker MN

9th: Winchester, SXP 12 Gauge 3", Synthetic, #1431, Larry Keeler, Foley MN

13th: Weatherby, Vanguard 52 .243, Synthetic/Blued, #464, Shane Blowers, Evansville MN

16th: Savage, Axis .308, Camo/Blued, #1979, Brad Smith, Parkers Prairie MN

20th: Stoeger, Condor 16 Gauge, O/U, Walnut, #2149, Troy Richardson, Watford City ND

23rd: Mossberg, 4x4 Rifle .25-06, Synthetic/Blued, #187, Neal Miller, Long Prairie MN

27th: Browning, X-Bolt Varmint .223, Synthetic, #62, Connie Thoennes, Parkers Prairie MN

30th: Savage, 93 R17 HMR, Synthetic/SS (Heavy), #1168, Paul Dalluge, Brandon MN 

September 2013

3rd: Browning, X-Bolt Hunter .243, Walnut/Blued, #2070, Gene Tschida, Browerville MN

6th: Savage, Axis .270, Synthetic/Blued, #1041, Dave Shaw, Henning MN

10th: Stoeger, M3500 12 Gauge 3.5", Synthetic, #1557, Larry Ludwig, Garfield MN

13th: Tikka, T3 Lite .223, Synthetic/Blued, #1428, Ryan Jantzen, Miltona MN

17th: T/C, Omega 25 .50 Cal, Synthitic/Blued, #187, Neal Miller, Long Prairie MN 

20th: Winchester, SXP 12 Gauge 3.5", Synthetic, #2134, Rollie Wesen, Alexandria MN

24th: Remington, 700 SPS .30-06, Synthetic/Stainless, #992, Harvey Simonson, Miltona MN

27th: T/C, Venture Weathershield .22-250, Synthetic, #1786, Jon Fevig, Garfield MN

​October 2013

1st: Winchester, Super X3 12 Gauge, 3.5" Waterfowler, #556, Daniel Bremmer, Eden Prairie MN

4th: Weatherby, Vanguard S2 Sporter .270, Wood/Blued, #2401, Diane Klinnert, New York Mills

8th: Remington, 7600 Pump .30-06, Synthetic, #252, Dale Venzke, Henning MN

11th: Browning, A-Bolt Stalker .243, Synthetic/Blued, #1710, Marc Johnson, Big Lake MN

15th: Savage, Axis .30-06, Synthetic/Blued, #624, Eric Korman, Parkers Prairie MN

18th: Mossberg, Silver Reserve 12 Gauge, Over/Under, #1621, Harold Eidsness, Brocket ND

22nd:Winchester,M-70 .30-06 Ultimate Shadow,Syn/Blued, #2194, Duane, Klug, Garfield MN

25th: Browning, BPS Stalker 12 Gauge 3", Synthetic, #1034, Matthew Wark, Parkers Prairie MN

29th: Remington, 700 SPS .243, Synthetic/Blued, #1495, Jaret Cvancava, Williston ND

​November 2013

1st: Remington, 700 CDL .270, Wood/Blued, #448, Ryan Glebe, Miltona MN

5th: Weatherby, PA-08 Combo 12 Gauge, #2445, John Droogsma, Appleton MN

8th: TC, Pro Hunter XT .50Cal, Synthetic/SS, #2186, Bruce Rehm, Wadena MN

12th: TC, Venture .270 Weathershield, Synthetic, #2319, Nolan Wilkow, Alexandria MN 

15th: Winchester, SXP 12 Gauge, 3.5" Waterfolwer, #1673, Gary Bullinger, Dickinson ND

19th: Savage, Axis .243, Synthetic/SS, #1840, Dave Penrose, Parkers Prairie MN 

22nd: Weatherby, Vanguard S2 Sporter .30-06. Wood/Blued, #785, Jon Trosdalh, Battle Lake 

26th: Ruger, American Rifle .270, Synthetic/Blued, #1608, Kevin Mack, Hayfield MN

29th: Savage, 10 Hunter Xp .243 w/ Nikon Scope, #610, Jeff Anderson, Detroit Lakes MN

December 2013

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