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2017/2018 Gun Calendars Results

July 2017

4th:  Winchester, Super X3 12 Gauge, 3.5" Waterfowl

7th:  Browning, X-Bolt Stalker .243, Synthetic-Blued

11th:  Tikka, T3 Hunter .270 WSM, Wood-Blued

14th:  Beneli, Nova .20 Gauge, Synthetic

18th:  Thompson Center, Bone Collector .50 Cal. Weathershield, Camo-Stainless 

21st:  Browning, A Bolt III Hunter .270, Wood-Blued

25th:  Mossberg, Silver Reserve 12 Gauge, Wood-Blued

28th:  Winchester, XPR .308, Synthetic-Blued

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January 2015

2nd: Winchester, Super X3 3.5", 12 Gauge, Waterfowler: #735, Kevin Huwe, Alexandria MN 

6th: Ruger, Hawkeye, .223 Walnut: # 2229, Steve Nordlund, Parkers Prairie MN

9th: Thompson Center, Venture, .243 Synthetic/Blued: # 1143, Mark Stenquist, Alexandria MN

13th: Savage, Axis, 22-250, Camo/Blued: #1865, Bob Streasick, Alexandria MN 

16th: Wincehster, SXP 3", 12 Gauge, Synthetic: #1035, Trevor Rossun, Alexandria MN

20th: Browning, X-Bolt Stalker, 7MM-08, Synthetic/Blued: #1735, Deb Koep, Miltona MN

23rd: Stoeger, Condor, 12 Gauge Over/Under: #729, Gary Lutmer, St. James MN

27th: Weatherby, PA-08, 12 Gauge, Synthetic: #1270, Sara Ehnes, Parkers Prairie MN 

30th:Winchester, Model 70, .270 Featherweight, Walnut/Blued: #1383, Brad Smith, Alexandria MN 

February 2015

3rd: Remington, 700 BDL, Custom 30.06: #1207, Bruce Kouba, Dickinson ND

6th: Tikka, T3 Lite .243, Synthetic-Blued: #1803, Chuck Dickey, Eagle Bend MN

10th: Savage, 93R17FVS .17 HMR, Synthetic-Stainless (HB):  #2198, Chris Barton, Parkers Prairie MN

13th: Mossberg, Silver Reserve II 12 Gauge: #2391, Larry Schultz, Alexandria MN

17th: Weatherby, PA-08 Upland 12 Gauge, Walnut: #872, Bryan Carrier, Williston ND 

20th: Ruger, American Rifle .270: #227, Brian Andree, Waterville MN

24th: Thompson Center, Venture .280, Synthetic-Blued: # 641, Glen Klimek, Alexandria MN 

27th: Browning, Maxus, 3.5" 12 Gauge, Synthetic: #623, Mark Longie, Manhattan MT

March 2015

3rd: Thompson Center, Bone Collector .50 Cal, Synthetic/Camo, Weathershield:  #1771, David Dalluge, Brandon MN

6th: Ruger, Hawkeye .204, Walnut: #182, Dan Shaw, Parkers Prairie MN

10th: Weatherby, Vanguard Series 2, .270, Synthetic/Blued: # 1594, Vernon Klimek, Parkers Prairie MN 

13th: Stoeger, Condor .410 Gauge, Over/Under: #423, Pat Rud, Miltona MN 

17th: Winchester, SXP 3" 12 Gauge , Synthetic : #2112, Gary Olson, Parkers Prairie MN

20th: Remington, 700 BDL .270, Custom: # 248, Ed Kucera, Fergus Falls MN 

24th: Browning, BPS Stalker 3.5" 12 Gauge, Synthetic: #0787, Marc Runningen, Ashby MN

27th: Thompson Center, Dimension Rifle .308: #1160, Ken Thoennes, Parkers Prairie MN 

31st: Weatherby, SA-08 12 Gauge, Walnut: #998, David Butzin, Wadena MN 

April 2015

3rd: Winchester, Super X3 3.5" 12 Gauge, Black Shadow:   #2432, Gary Thoennes, Alexandria MN

7th: Ruger, American Rifle .22-250: 2494, Brittany Arkell, Eagle Bend MN 

10th: Tikka, T3Lite .270, Synthetic-Blued: 1872, Doug Hayes, Little Falls MN 

14th: Remington, 870 Express 3" 12 Gauge, Synthetic : 1333, Matt Baumgarn, Webster SD

17th: Thompson Center, Pro Hunter XT .50, Synthetic-Stainless: 2376, Ken Noe, Parkers Prairie MN 

21st: Browning, X Bolt Hunter .300 WSM, Walnut-Blued: 217, Rick Spanswick, Osakis MN 

24th: Savage, 10 Hunter XP .243, Wood-Blued w/ Nikon Scope: #640, Anthony VanSanter, Henning MN 

28th: Weatherby, Vanguard Series Sporter .30-06, Wood-Blued: #2033, Duane Cichy, Henning MN 

May 2015

1st: Winchester, Model 70 .308 Ultimate Shadow, Synthetic-Blued: #247, Zach Macknar, Fergus Falls MN 

5th: Remington, 870 Express 20 Gauge 3", Synthetic: #2274, Jay (Cooper) Thieschafer, Swanville MN 

8th: Thompson Center, Pro Hunter .50 Cal, Camo-Stainless: #2008, Dustin Allard, Fargo ND 

12th: Savage, B-Mag .17 WSM, Synthetic-Blued: #446, Bill Egeness, Eagle Bend MN 

15th: Browning, BPS Stalker 3" 12 Gauge, Synthetic: #2174, Aaron Mellgren, New Prague MN 

19th: Ruger, American Rifle .30.06: #893, Wayne Erickson, Climax MN 

22nd: Stoeger, Condor 16 Gauge, Over-Under: #100, Stacy Froemming, Alexandria MN 

26th: Weatherby, Vanguard Series 2 .223, Synthetic-Blued: #1500, Ralph Beulke, Miltona MN 

29th: Winchester, SXP 3.5" 12 Gauge, Synthetic: 68, Dean F. Lynch, Anoka MN

June 2015

2nd: Tikka, T3 Lite .30-06, Synthetic-Blued: #2067, Steve Pomrenke, Royalton MN 

5th: Browning, BPS Stalker 3.5" 12 Gauge, Synthetic: #1353, Frank Kalina, Alexandria MN 

9th: Savage, .17 Hornet Walking Varmint: #2482, Isaac Dorn, Alexandria MN 

12th: Stoeger, Uplander 20 Gauge: #895, Brad Erickson, Climax MN

16th: Thompson Center, Venture 7MM, Synthetic-Blued : #630, Jake Gappa, Parkers Prairie MN

19th: Mossberg, Silver Reserve II, 20 Gauge: 1321, Cece Erickson, Nelson MN 

23rd: Ruger, Hawkeye .270, Walnut: 2026, Karl Chapman, Carlos MN 

26th: Savage, Axis .223, Camo-Blued: #1188, Riley McCabe, Alexandria MN 

30th: Winchester, SXP 3.5" 12 Gauge, Synthetic: #2221, Stephanie Krohnfeldt, Alexandria MN

July 2015

3rd: Browning, Silver Stalker 3.5" 12 Gauge, Synthetic: #1097, Kevin Schwantz, Holdingford MN 

7th: Savage, B-Mag .17 WSM, Synthetic-Blued: #253, Kristy Hansen, Garfield MN 

10th: Tikka, T3 Lite .308, Synthetic-Blued: #1837, Lee Christianson, Dickinson ND

14th: Thompson Center, Dimension Rifle .270: #2338, Wayne Erickson, Alexandria MN 

17th: Stoeger, M3500 3.5" 12 Gauge, Camo: #1175, Don Link, Shakopee MN 

21st: Ruger, American Rifle .243: #2441, Jeb Miller, St. Michael MN 

24th: Mossberg, Silver Reserve II .410 Gauge: #2392, Andy Filter, Montgomery MN 

28th: Savage, Axis .30-06, Synthetic-Stainless: #878, Kevin Carrier, Williston ND 

31st: Winchester, Super X3 3.5" 12 Gauge, Black Shadow: #863, Charles Wesen, Starbuck MN 

August 2015

4th:Winchester, Super X3 3.5" 12 Gauge, Waterfowler: #1214, Scott Anderson, Hoffman MN

7th: TC, Venture .22-250, Weathershield, Synthetic: #1438, Mark Morisel, Sauk Centre MN

11th: Mossberg, 4x4 Rifle .223, Walnut-Blued: #745, Jason Arvidson, Parkers Prairie MN 

14th:Savage,.17 Hornet Walking Varmint,Synthetic-Blued: #1440,Craig Listul,Granite Falls MN 

18th: Stoeger, M3500 3.5" 12 Gauge, Synthetic: 1976, Glen Lancaster, Alexandria MN 

21st: Remington, 700SPS .7MM, Synthetic-Blued: #2265, Tony Revering, Alexandria MN

25th: Weatherby, PA-08 Upland 12 Gauge, Walnut: #1635, Dewey Otto, Evansville MN

28th: Browning, X-Bolt Stalker .243, Synthetic-Blued: 843, Dean Broin, Madison MN

September 2015

1st: Winchester, Model 70, Ultimate Shadow .270, Synthetic/Blued: #1766, Derek Revering, Parkers Prairie 

4th:Thompson Center, Bone Collector .50, Camo/Stainless:#1858, Justin Bitzan, Brandon MN 

8th: Savage, B-Mag .17 WSM, Synthetic/Blued: #618, Jace Lalim, Tioga ND

11th: Stoeger, Condor 20 Gauge, Over/Under: #361, Dennis Barthel, St. Michael MN

15th: Thompson Center, Dimension Rifle .30-06: #627, Jake Gappa, Parkers Prairie MN 

18th: Savage, 93R17FVS .17 HMR, Synthetic/Stainless (Heavy Barrel): #2311, Mike Nelson, Elfin Cove AK 

22nd: Savage, 10 Hunter XP .30-06, Wood/Blued (w/Scope): #1818, Darian Rubner, Pine River MN 

25th: Mossberg: 4x4 Rifle .243, Synthetic/Blued: #96, Millerville Sportsman Club  

29th: Browning, Silver Stalker 3.5" 12 Gauge, Synthetic: 234, Mike Hoppe, Carlos MN 

October 2015

2nd: Winchester, SXP 3.5" 12 Gauge, Synthetic:  #1813, Chelsea Penrose (Hunter), Parkers Prairie MN 

6th: Mossberg, 4x4 Rifle .300, Synthetic/Blued (w/ Scope):  #2161, Jason Nelson, Lindstrom MN

9th: Remington, 870 Super Mag 3.5" 12 Gauge, Synthetic: #819, Pam Bradley, Carlos MN 

13th: Remington, 700 SPS .243, Synthetic/Blued: # 447, Nick Tiffany, Cottage Grove MN 

16th: Stoeger, Uplander .410 Gauge: 1827, Carla Froemming, Evansville MN

20th: Savage, .17 Hornet Walking Varmint, Synthetic/Blued: #2293, Josh Tersteeg, Osakis MN

23rd: Savage, 11 Trophy Hunter, .280 Synthetic/Blued (w/ Scope):  #2395, Craig Serbus, Redwood Falls MN

27th: Savage, Axis 7MM-08, Synthetic/Stainless: #514, Ronald Thoennes, Brandon MN 

30th: Thompson Center, Pro Hunter FX .50, Synthetic/Stainless:  #1530, Kevin Revering, Madison MN

November 2015

3rd: Winchester, SXP 3.5" 12 Gauge, Waterfowler: #1545, James Dauphinais, Parkers Prairie 

6th: Savage, Axis .270, Synthetic-Stainless: #2403, Fran Ruiz, Waconia MN 

10th: Savage, .17 Hornet Walking Varmint, Synthetic-Blued: #907, Gaylan Odland, Spicer MN

13th: Stoeger, M3500 3.5" 12 Gauge, Camo: #1643, Larry Kluin, Sioux Falls SD

17th: Remington, 700 SPS .300 Mag, Synthetic-Blued: #285, Rod Schultz

20th: Savage 93R17FVS .17 HMR, Synthetic-Stainless (Heavy Barrel): #2426, Mike Bernardy, Parkers Prairie MN 

24th: Weatherby: SA-08 12 Gauge, Walnut: #1323, Kelly Hagel, Argursville ND 

27th: Thompson Center, Pro Hunter FX, Synthetic-Stainless: #660, Jim Ondrauk, Farwell MN 

December 2015

1st: Thompson Center: Pro Hunter FX .50 Cal, Camo-Stainless: #1426, Renee Pottorff, Dickinson ND

4th: Remington: 870 Super Mag, 3.5" 12 Gauge, Synthetic: #1578, Darrick Harer, Gettysburg SD

8th: Savage: B-Mag .17 WSM, Synthetic/Blued: #670, Kevin Hanson, Inver Grove Heights MN

11th: Winchester, SXP 3.5" 12 Gauge, Waterfowler Camo: #26, Matt Schmid, Zimmerman MN

15th: Mossberg: 4x4 Rifle .308, Synthetic-Blued (w/scope):#2348, Darren Hungness, Alexandria MN 

18th: Savage: 93R17FVS .17HMR, Synthetic-Stainless (Heavy Barrel):#1818, Darian Rubner, Pine River MN 

22nd: Stoeger: M3500 3.5" 12 Gauge: #1013, Brad Noetzelman, Alexandria MN 

25th: Ruger: Hawkeye 7MM-08, Walnut: #1019, Marcia Warren, Farwell MN 

29th: Winchester: Super X3 3.5" 12 Gauge, Black Shadow: #1240, Randy Christiansen, Parkers Prairie MN