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2017/2018 Gun Calendars Results

June 2018​

1st:  Thompson Center, Dimenstion .270, Synthetic/Blued
#967, John Koch, Alexandria MN 

5th:  Savage, Axis .30-06, Synthetic/Blued w/Scope
#1956, Mike Stramer, Evansville MN 

8th:  Weatherby, PA-08 12 Gauge, Upland
#474, Tffany Heinnch, Nelson MN

12th:  Ruger, Hawkeye .223, SS
#1432, Dave Christianson, Fergus Falls MN 

15th:  Savage, 110 .03-06, Wood/Blued w/Scope
#2049, Anthony Hardon, Minneapolis MN 

19th:  Savage, A17 Semi Auto .17 HMR, Synthetic/Blued
#2009, Steve Calhoun/Kevin Revering

22nd:  Thompson Center, Pro Hunter XT, Synthetic/Stainless
#1039, Jeff Swansen, Miltona MN 

26th:  Benelli, Nova 20 Gauge 3", Synthetic
#1362, Bran Wittrock, Parkers Prairie MN 

29th: Winchester, Super X3 12 Gauge, .35" Waterfowl
#1286, Don Shircliff Sr., Miltona MN 

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July 2017

4th: Winchester, Super X3 12 Gauge, 3.5" Waterfowl, #1375, Diane Brusven, Osakis MN 

7th: Browning, X-Bolt Stalker .243, Synthetic-Blued, #1514, Bryce Eggert, Arlington MN 

11th: Tikka, T3 Hunter .270 WSM, Wood-Blued, #1911, Pat Kalina, Alexandria MN 

14th: Beneli, Nova .20 Gauge, Synthetic, #2135, David Gappa, Parkers Prairie MN

18th: Thompson Center, Bone Collector .50 Cal. Weathershield, Camo-Stainless , #867, Tom Hilberg, Alpena MI

21st: Browning, A Bolt III Hunter .270, Wood-Blued, #116, Bob Reinbold, Henning MN 

25th: Mossberg, Silver Reserve 12 Gauge, Wood-Blued,#753, Greg Riedel, Parkers Prairie MN

28th: Winchester, XPR .308, Synthetic-Blued, #1264, Jeremy Netland, Alexandria MN 

August 2017

1st: Winchester, Super X3 12 Gauge, 3.5" Blackshadow, #1305,  Rob Stanley, Alexandria MN

4th: Stoeger, M3500 12 Gauge 3.5" Max4 Camo, #2324,  Dean Neiman, Parkers Prairie MN 

8th: Franchi, Affinity 12 Gauge 3", Walnut, #1014, Mike Nienaber, Osakis MN 

11th: TC, Dimension .30-06, Synthetic/Blued, #1331, Chris Birkholz, Wayzata MN 

15th: Weatherby, Vanguard .30-06 Wood, #1890, Wally Roberts, Hugo MN 

18th: Remington, 700 BDL, .270 Wood/Blued, #1553, Chad Nelson, Viking MN 

22nd: Browning, BPS Stalker 12 Gauge, Synthetic, #667, Neil Thorpe, Ray ND 

25th: Ruger, Hawkeye 7MM-08, Walnut, #1317, Carol Goodin, Minnetonka MN

29th: Stoeger, Condor 12 Gauge, #2082, Brady Braun, Battle Lake MN 

September 2017

1st: Winchester, SXP 12 Gauge, 3.5" Waterfowl, #2403, John Arceneau, Sauk Centre MN 

5th: Thompson Center, Pro Hunter .50 Cal. Camo/SS, #207, Matt Klemm, Farwell MN 

8th: Remington, 700 BDL, .30-06, Wood, #906, Merle Rambouske, Dickinson ND

12th: Savage, 10 Hunter .243, Synthetic, #975, Karl Santelman, Alexandria MN 

15th: Remington, 870 Express Super Mag 12 Gauge, Wood, #1798, Norman Hubbard, Eagle Bend MN 

19th: Mossberg, Patriot, .270, Walnut, #2322, Chad Bernsetter, Hewitt MN 

22nd: Savage, Axis, 7MM-08, SS, #138, Alan Bettermann, Miltona MN 

26th: Winchester, SXP 12, Gauge, Synthetic, #2293, Mike Korkowski, Brandon MN 

29th: Browning, X-Bolt Hunter, .300 WSM, Wood, #1857, Cortney Kasal, White Bear Lake MN 

October 2017

3rd: Winchester, XPR, .270, Synthetic/Blued, #2249, Bryan Landwehr, Watkins MN 

6th: Ruger, American, .243, Synthetic/Blued, #476, Cory Heinrich, Nelson MN 

10th: Savage, A17 Semi-Auto, .17 HMR, Synthetic/Blued, #2095, John Tophen, Pillager MN 

13th: Browning, Silver Stalker, 12 Gauge, Synthetic, #252, Ben Hellerman, Parkers Prairie MN 

17th: Thomson Center, Venture, .280, Synthetic, #2100, Michael Bah, Elbow Lake MN

20th: Remington, 700 SPS, .30-06, Synthetic/Blued, #1279, Brent Helmeke, New York Mills MN 

24th: Mossberg, 930 Field, 12 Gauge, Wood,#1035, Laura Kremer, Miltona MN 

27th: Winchester, SXP, 12 Gauge, Synthetic, #986, Brian Bruss, Nelson MN 

31st: Savage, 11 Trophy XP, .270, Synthetic/Blued w/ Scope, #2229, Harvey Bothum, Garfield 

November 2017

3rd: Beneli, Nova, 12 Gauge, Camo, #1527, Kathleen Hubbling, Miltona MN 

7th: Tikka, T3 Hunter, .300, Wood/Blued, #759, Aaron Williams, Miltona MN 

​10th: Weatherby, Semi Auto 12 Gauge, Wood/Blued, #1562, Brad Usgard, Perham MN 

14th: Thompson Center, Venture .243, Synthetic, #2184, Lynette Kleve, Howard Lake MN

17th: Ruger, American, .22-250, Synthetic, #773, Seth Bercier, Henning MN

21st: Remington: 870 Express Super Mag, Synthetic, #1825, Lyle Terwey, Long Prairie MN

24th: Ruger, Hawkeye, .270, Walnut, #628, Jon Barthel, Grey Eagle MN

28th: Stoeger, M3500, 12 Gauge, Synthetic, #78, Joyce Wohlwenf, Deer Creek, MN

December 2017

1st: Franchi, Affinity 12 Gauge, Synthetic, #2305, Rick Kamphake, Alexandria MN 

5th: Remington, 700 SPS .300 WSM, Synthetic/Blued , #985, John Scholl, Alexandria MN 

8th: Beneli, Nova 12 Gauge, Camo, #852, Tony Henikko, Maple Lake MN 

12th: Weatherby, Semi Auto 12 Gauge, Wood, #365, Kelly Olson, Parkers Prairie

15th: Thompson Center, Venture 7MM, Synthetic, #586, Wayne Rohde, Burtrum MN 

19th: Mossberg, Silver Reserve 20 Gauge, Wood, #1473, David Niehaus, Perham MN 

22nd: Tikka, T3 Lite, .308, Synthetic/Blued, #807, Steph Stueve, Miltona MN 

26th: Winchester: Super X3, 12 Gauge, Blackshadow , #1220, Nick Thill, St. Martin MN 

29th: Savage, B-Mag 17 WSM, Laminate/Thumbhole, #1279, Brent Helmeke, New York Mills, MN 

January 2018

2nd: Browning, X Bolt Stalker, 7mm-08, #1293, Anthony Deeb, Inver Grove Heights MN

5th: Tikka, T3 Lite .243, #1642, Gabe Noska, Avon MN

9th:TC Venture .204, #586, Wayne Rohde, Burtrum MN 

​12th: Winchester, XPR .300 , #699, Dan Hutchinson, Miltona MN 

​16th: Remington, 870 Wingmaster, 20 Gauge, 3", #1213, Karen Lund, Brandon MN 

19th: Ruger, American .30-06, #2033, Marc Sweere, Wadena MN 

​23rd: Savage, Axis .22-250, Camo, #365, Kelly Olson, Parkers Prairie MN 

​26th: Winchester, SXP 12 Gauge, 3.5", #1578, Jason Mickelson, Vining MN 

30th: Mossberg, Silver Reserve .410, #1858, John Koep, Vining MN 

February 2018

2nd: Thompson Center, Bone Collector, .50 Cal, Wethersfield/Camo, #1413, Bonnie LaPlante, Battle Lake MN

6th: Winchester, SXP 12 Gauge, Waterfowl,  #1070, Cory Oberg, Sartell MN

9th: Thompson Center, Pro Hunter .50 Cal, Synthetic/Stainless, #2421, Kellin Proell

13th: Browning, BPS Stalker, 12 Gauge, Synthetic, #1644, Jeff McCoy, Alexandria MN

16th: Remington, 7600 .270 Wood, #591, Dale Downing, Henning MN

20th: Weatherby, PA-08 Upland 12 Gauge, Wood , #1819, Bob Aldrich, Henning MN

23rd: Ruger, Hawkeye Predator .22-250, #422, Grant Bettermann, Miltona MN 

27th: Savage 11FCXP3 .243, Synthetic w/ Scope, #1819, Bob Aldrich, Henning MN 

March 2018

2nd: Winchester, Featherweight .243, #827, Manuel Rodriguez, Minneapolis MN 

6th: Ruger, Hawkeye Predator .204, #1331, Chris Birkholz, Wayzata MN 

9th: Stoeger, Condor 20 Gauge, #2055, Kyle Grinager, Parkers Prairie

13th: Mossberg, Patriot .300, #1943, Steve Suchy, Blaine  

16th: Weatherby, PA-08, 12 Gauge, #63, Ryan Andring, Hawley MN 

20th: Thompson Center, Pro Hunter FX .50 Cal, #1375, Diane Brusven, Osakis MN 

23rd: Remington 870 Express 12 Gauge, #2410, Roberta Hemquist

27th: Winchester, SXP 12 Gauge, #1108, Warren Svor, Alexandria MN 

30th: Mossberg, Patriot .308, #304, Amy Stanley, Alexandria MN 

April 2018

3rd: Tikka, T3 Lite, .30-06 Synthetic,  #1782, Scott Klinder, Carlos MN 

6th: Stoeger, M3500, 12 Gauge 3.5" Camo, #651, Ricardo Ochoa, Reiles Acres ND 

10th: Weatherby, Vanguard, .270 Synthetic, #1829, Emily Anderson, Moorhead MN ​

13th: Thompson Center, Venture Weathersheild, .22-250 Synthetic, #2386, Matt Hemquist, Parkers Prairie MN 

17th: Savage, B-Mag 17WSM, Laminate w/Thumbhole, #0357, Aaron Sigerud, Goodridge MN 

20th: Winchester, SXP, 12 Gauge 3.5" Synthetic, #1785, Mitch Pease

24th: Browning, Maxus 12 Gauge 3.5" Synthetic, #223, Logan Steidl, Alexandria MN

27th: Winchester, XPR .30-06 Synthetic #1808, Jeff Marthaler, Wadena MN 

May 2018​

1st: Thompson Center, Pro Hunter FX .50, Synthetic/Stainless, #1462, Gordon Hawks, Hinsdale MT

4th: Savage, Axis .223, Camo , #1316, Scott Hansen, Garfield MN 

8th: Remington, 700 Varmint .308, Synthetic/Blued, # 641, CeCe Erickson, Nelson MN 

11th: Stoeger, M3500 12 Gauge, Synthetic, #2142, Don Larson, Ashby MN 

15th: Savage, Axis .270 Stainless Steel, #68, Dan Larson, Alexandria MN 

18th: Thompson Center, Dimension .308, Synthetic/Blued, #526, Vern, Shakopee MN 

22nd: Ruger, American .270, Synthetic , #891, Robert Steidl, Alexandria MN 

25th: Mossberg, Patriot, .22-250, Walnut, #1667, Dustin Schmidt, Moorhead MN 

29th: Weatherby, Vanguard .223, Synthetic, #1823, Mark Hruby, Garfield MN